🚨 CD10 Voices For Empowerment Voter Alert 🚨

🚨 CD10 Voices For Empowerment Voter Alert 🚨

This coming Tuesday, June 7 will be a critical election for our City and State.

We at CD10 Voices For Empowerment want to remind voters about candidates that are seeking higher office given the roles they played in the disenfranchisement of 10th District voices on the LA City Council.

Voting records matters! They provide the basis for accountability at election time.

Kevin de León is running to be our next Mayor. Paul Koretz is running to be our next City Controller. These are two critical offices at City Hall that impact our daily lives in many ways.

DeLeon and Koretz voted to silence our voices. They voted to suspend Councilmember Ridley-Thomas and revoke his pay and benefits and eliminate representation that would be accountable to CD10 voters. They did nothing to support our efforts to advance an inclusive and transparent process in determining “temporary” CD10 representation.

City Attorney Mike Feuer advised the members of the City Council on how to make our disenfranchisement “legal”.  Fortunately, Feuer is no longer a candidate for mayor because his performance was so poor—owing to his office’s involvement in the LADWP scandal—that he decided to drop out. But he still appears on the ballot.

And finally, let us not forget City Controller Ron Galperin. He eventually made up his mind to run for State Controller after declaring his candidacy for State Assembly and LA County Board of Supervisors. CD10 Voices  wishes to remind you that Galperin moved ahead of the City Council suspension of our democratically elected Councilman to declare his premature intent to terminate Councilman Ridley-Thomas’ salary, health benefits and pension.  

A recent survey of CD10 constituents and stakeholders found that nearly three-quarters of respondents (73.4%) felt not satisfied, or very not satisfied with the general leadership of the Council, and two-thirds (65.9%) described the CD10 appointment process as not fair, inclusive or transparent.  Over eight out of ten (82.1%) respondents called for a constituent-driven, transparent process. Specifically, respondents recommended that there be a solicitation of applications for those interested in being appointed, and that there be open hearings with the ability to publicly question candidates about their views.

Now, DeLeon, Koretz, Galperin and Feuer want US to vote for THEM.

When you go to the polls let us not forget where they stood. Remind them, “Your record matters!”