Details for the June 26th Hearing on Motions for Acquittal or Dismissal

Details for the June 26th Hearing on Motions for Acquittal or Dismissal

Friends, Family and Supporters:

On Monday, June 26, 2023, Judge Dale S. Fischer will hear two motions by Mark Ridley-Thomas defense counsel to reconsider the jury verdicts rendered in March.  These Rule 29 and Rule 33 procedural motions are prerequisite to MR-T’s August 21 sentencing and appeal.  They assert that the prosecution’s case relied on false testimony and incomplete investigation of the facts by the FBI’s lead investigator and government’s star witness.

Once again, public demonstration of support for MR-T remains critically important to illustrate community skepticism about the verdict, the depth of interest in the case and the strength of solidarity with the defendant. In the interest of fairness and justice, please plan to attend the hearing on Monday, June 26.  

Thank you again for your unwavering interest in the outcome of these proceedings. Below are the details you should know if you are interested in attending the hearing.


  • WHEN:  Monday, June 26, 2023 at 8:30 a.m.
  • LOCATION: Courtroom 7D of the First Street United States Courthouse – Central District of California, 350 W. 1st Street,  Los Angeles, California 90012
  • JUDGE:  Honorable Dale S. Fischer

If you would like to attend, please be sure to do the following:

  • Arrive at least 45-minutes early.  There can be long lines to get through security.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Bring a mask.  You may be required to wear it.
  • Please note you will not be allowed to use any electronic devices while observing hearing.  Silence your cell phones.
  • Feel free to sit together in a group.
  • Be conscientious of talking in the halls.
  • Please do not make any facial expressions, nod or shake your head, comment, or otherwise exhibit in any way any agreement, disagreement, or other opinion or belief concerning the proceedings.

To assist us in our planning and to receive periodic updates about the June 26 hearing, please complete this form.


The USA v. Mark Ridley-Thomas hearing on the Rule 29 and Rule 33 motions is being held at the United States Courthouse at 350 W First St, Los Angeles, CA 90012 which is between Hill Street and Broadway. The courtroom is 7D on the seventh floor.  The hearing is scheduled to start promptly at 8:30 AM.  

You must enter the courthouse and go through security from the First Street entrance.   The building opens at 7:00 AM.  FYI, the security line starts to back up around 7:15 AM except for Friday when most other courtrooms are not in session.


Parking is available at various public lots near the courthouse. The best parking location to attend the trial is a lot in the block just east of the courthouse. The Los Angeles Times parking garage has an $8 all day flat fee. The entrance is on Broadway between 1st and 2nd Streets. Enter the lot off Broadway, closer to Second Street.  You must first park, then pay at a kiosk with a credit card and then put the receipt on your dashboard.   The kiosk will require you to enter your license plate number.

There are several parking lots that are just east of the courthouse that take cash as payment.   The costs range from $12 to $18 for the day.   You can enter those lots from First Street, Hill Street, or Olive Street.

Directions for getting to the United States Courthouse by LA Metro.

The United States Courthouse is directly across the street from the LA Metro Civic Center/Grand Park Station which services the B and D lines (also known as the Red and Purple lines). The station is at the corner of Hill Street and First Street just west of Hill Street and the Court is at that same corner just east of Hill Street.

If you are coming from the Crenshaw area, you will have to take the E line (also known as the Expo line) towards downtown LA and transfer to the B or D line at the 7th Street/Metro Center station which will be the last stop on the E Line.   Coming from southeastern LA from neighborhoods such as Watts and Willowbrook, you can take the Metro A Line (also known as the Blue Line) to 7th Street/Metro Center.

In the morning, the trains mentioned here run every ten minutes.    So, as a couple of cases in point, going from the E line Crenshaw station or the A line Willowbrook/Rosa Parks to the Civic Center Grand Park Station will take around 33 to 34 minutes per the transfer at 7th Street/Metro Center.

Specifically, to get to the courthouse by 7 AM when it opens, you will want to get to the E line Crenshaw station by 6:24 AM and the A Line Willowbrook/Rosa Parks station by 6:23 AM.  That will get you to the Civic Center/Grand Park Station at around 6:57 AM.  Since the trains run every 10 minutes, you can just add 10 minutes to the departure times and arrival time based on your desired time to arrive at the courthouse. For example, to get to the courthouse by 7:15 coming from Leimert Park, you need to get to the E line Crenshaw Station by 6:34 AM since that will get you to the Civic Center/ Grand Park Station at around 7:07 AM.

You will, of course, reverse your trains and connections heading back home.

Metro Station Parking

West Angeles Church provides free parking for metro park and ride at the E line Crenshaw Station.   The garage is about one block north of the station on Crenshaw Blvd on the east side of the street.  There is also free street parking near the station on Victoria Ave, just south of the station.  Willowbrook/ Rosa Park station on the A line also provides free parking.  There are two lots there.  Since your car will be parked for a long period of time whether in a lot or on the street, as always, make sure you lock it and that no valuables are visible.   Also, note the street cleaning parking restrictions when parking on the street near the stations.


While it is difficult to predict the duration of the hearing, it is anticipated that it could last as long as three hours. The hearing on the motions is not the only business before the court.  

This organizing effort is attempting to arrange free bus transportation from sites in Inglewood and Westmont/Athens and will consider stops along the way to downtown, depending on demand. Please stand by for additional information about this option. Please be patient with this volunteer organizing effort.

If you are interested in attending and to assist us in our organizing, please complete the information in this link if you have not done so already.

Thank you again for your support.