A Brief Chronology of Events in CD10 From Suspension to 3/17 Court Hearing (partial list)

A Brief Chronology of Events in CD10 From Suspension to 3/17 Court Hearing (partial list)
3/15/22 COMMUNITY ACTION: CD10 residents convene CD10 stakeholders, including Neighborhood Councilmembers to model a community-driven, transparent process.

10/13/21 US Attorney’s Office hands down an indictment of Councilmember Ridley-Thomas

10/17/21 COMMUNITY ACTION: Over 400 pastors, community leaders and residents turned out for a Citywide Prayer Service for Councilmember Mark Ridley-Thomas in the wake of his 20-count federal indictment by a grand jury last week.

10/18/21 In a letter to the City Council, CM MR-T states his intention to fight “these outrageous allegations” and the expectation that will be “fully exonerated.”

10/19/21 Council President Nury Martinez introduces a motion to suspend CM MR-T to “preserve”the “[public] trust.”

10/20/21 The Council meets and waives the customary public hearing requirements in order to consider the Martinez motion; takes action with little substantive input from CD 10 constituents and no evidentiary hearing; and no time parameter for reinstatement.

10/20/21 City Controller Ron Galperin unilaterally terminates CM MR-T’s salary and benefits and according to the City Charter, CM MR-T is prohibited from earning any outside income while still a member of the City Council.

10/22/21 City Clerk Holly Wolcott advises that “no city business can be conducted between you and your staff, or between you and any other City employee or the public.”

10/26/21 COMMUNITY ACTION:  “You Stole Our Vote!”

10/29/21 COMMUNITY ACTION: “Concerned Citizens and 10th District Stakeholders” demand the Council reverse course on the suspension.

10/29/21 Letter from City Clerk Holly Walcott regarding communication with city officials and employees prohibits CM MR-T from attempts to “conduct City business or communicate with City officials and staff except as any members of the public” through “publicly available email addresses….”

11/01/21 Council President Nury Martinez, appoints Chief of Staff Karly Katona as non-voting CD10  caretaker”…“in accordance with past practices to address interim vacancies.”

11/03/21 COMMUNITY ACTION:  SCLC screens “Selma” with a panel discussion on the disenfranchisement.

12/07/21 Council adopts redistricting maps for the City, including new boundaries for CD 10.

12/08/21 COMMUNITY ACTION:  “You Stole Our Vote” City Hall Protest.

01/17/22 Marks the 90th day CD10 seat is empty.

01/28/22 COMMUNITY ACTION: S. Los Angeles Clergy request a meeting with Nury Martinez to discuss CD10 situation.

02/03/22 Nury Martinez states her intention to appoint a temporary CD10 representative in an interview with the Los Angeles Sentinel, the first and only documented public communication regarding the issue.

2/07/22 COMMUNITY ACTION:  Voices of CD10 formally requests a community meeting with Nury Martinez.

02/09/22 COMMUNITY ACTION:  S. Los Angeles Clergy meet with Nury Martinez and offer their churches as venues for outreach to CD 10 constituents to discuss appointment.

02/15/22 Council President and one CD10 Neighborhood Council Member hold closed Zoom Webinar with selectively invited participants regarding CD10 appointee.

2/16/22 Nury Martinez introduces a motion to appoint a replacement for CM MR-T - former CM Herb Wesson.

2/18/22 CD 10 constituents and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference - Southern California file a lawsuit seeking a Writ of Mandate and temporary restraining order (TRO) against the Council action to appoint a “temporary” CD10 representative and to reverse CM MR-T’s suspension.

2/22/22 Following the President’s Day weekend, City Council votes in favor of Nury Martinez’s amended motion to appoint Herb Wesson with no public hearing and no formal process for providing input into his selection.  The amendments request reports back from staff regarding eligibility and cost of and process for a special election.

2/24/22 The Court issues a TRO that blocks the Wesson appointment as a violation of term limits pending an Order to Show Cause hearing and sustains CM MR-T’s suspension pending formal arguments in June.

3/04/22 COMMUNITY ACTION:  You Stole Our Vote” - Transparency Now! City Hall Protest.

3/10/22 COMMUNITY ACTION: Webinar with CD10 Voices for Empowerment, Plaintiffs and Attorney for lawsuit discuss Temporary Restraining Order, Lack of Transparency by LA City Council President, and Next Steps.

3/15/22 COMMUNITY ACTION:  CD10 residents convene CD10 stakeholders, including Neighborhood Councilmembers  to model a community-driven, transparent process.

3/17/22 Court hearing regarding TRO and Wesson eligibility.