Where We Stand Update

Where We Stand Update
CD10 Constituents lead by Harry McElroy calling for Transparency Now 

As we have repeated for months, any ineligible appointee should be barred from
unlawfully serving as CD10’s representative – temporary or not. A more
transparent and accountable selection process must be used if our elected
representative is not reinstated and a new temporary appointee is selected by the

Our fight is not with Herb Wesson per se, it is with anyone, official or not, who
would dare deny us the full expression of our hard fought right to vote. District 10
deserves better than being represented by an individual who is not legally eligible
to serve. We continue to maintain, the District’s constituents have endured
significant and irreversible harm.

We urge the Council to reach out to and work with a broad cross section of District
10 constituents to find a suitable community-driven path forward. The Framework
for Transparency and Accountable Representation
provides a thoughtful and
inclusive approach worthy of the Council’s full consideration.